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Mobile Test Recorder

Mobile Test Recorder

TestProject has a best in class Mobile Test Recorder that captures real time activity with zero latency for any Android or iOS application. With powerful capabilities for testing your apps on any OS, including iOS on Windows!

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Web Test Recorder

Web Test Recorder

TestProject’s AI-powered Web Test Recorder sits directly on your app, acting as both recorder and object spy, improving your test stability with self-healing technology.

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Advanced Scripting Capabilities

Advanced Scripting

Comprehensive Scripting OpenSDK

Open source SDK to rule them all. Selenium and Appium is now available in a single package for Python, Java and C#. Enjoy the benefit of automatic test reports generated for you, with high resolution screenshots directly stored in your TestProject cloud account.

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Cross Platform Testing

Cross Platform Testing

Working on Windows, Mac, Linux or Docker? No problem! TestProject supports all major OS’s and eliminates any dependency or driver management. We've got you updated at all times.

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