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Create More Tests. Faster. With Selenium and Appium AI Tools.

AI That Works For You

Finally, everyone can use Selenium and Appium with the help of AI services that are working for you. Upgrade your tests with self-healing, adaptive waits and smart recovery capabilities. Focus on creating your tests, we take care of the rest.

Self Healing - TestProject AI Tools

Self Healing

Overcome UI dependencies and fragile locators with ease. TestProject's AI-driven algorithm will create optimized locator strategies for you, saving time and maintenance hassles. While running the tests, the self healing technology will match the best locator and heal the test if one of the locators is broken or missing. This will help you tackle even the most difficult challenges in automation testing & increase your test stability.

Adaptive Wait

No more failed tests due to variant loading time and async events. Leveraging TestProject's AI technology, we make sure all environment conditions are sufficient for an automation action to succeed and adjust them if not, to ensure your web tests run smoothly. You can finally trust your tests without having to build in unnecessarily long waits.

Adaptive Wait - TestProject AI Tools

Automation Assistant

Avoid false-positive actions and say goodbye to test flakiness.

Let TestProject's Automation Assistant analyze each step of your test to detect cases where actions didn’t reach their target goal, and automatically fix them for reliable test executions.

Automation Assistant - TestProject AI Tools