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CI/CD Pipeline Integrations

Deep integrations to any CI/CD tool of your choice. With out-of-the-box plugins or the option to fully customize your flow with our REST API.

CI/CD Orchestration Simplified

Easily manage your testing workflow, without having to switch between tools. Leave the heavy lifting to TestProject’s hybrid cloud and benefit from zero-configuration test deployment, automation orchestration and remote execution. Alternatively, build your own CI pipeline by saving test artifacts locally, and connecting straight to your Git account to enjoy test versioning and a complete offline experience.

CI/CD Orchestration Simplified

Integrated In Your CI Flow On Premise

Save your tests locally in your version control alongside your code. Deploy and run them like never before using an integrated CLI tool with a simple command testproject-agent run MyFirstTest.yaml The TestProject Agent will do the work for you, by running the tests and creating rich HTML reports.

Integrated within your CI flow on Premise

Scales with your Favorite Tools

Using our out-of-the-box integrations, you can easily set up your automation flow and seamlessly test right inside your CI/CD pipeline. Use all the tools you love to ensure one streamlined process for quality and fast delivery, no development work or maintenance required.

Scales with your Favorite Tools

Rich APIs for Full Customization

TestProject is compatible with any custom CI/CD workflow your team has. Using our RESTful API you have complete control to easily build custom integrations and trigger automation, get status, retrieve test results and more! Explore our interactive API swagger to see how simple it is to achieve full customization.

Full REST API_TestProject