Cloud Test Management

Create, manage, and store all of your tests in one easy to use cloud interface. Cloud testing, simplified.

Centralized Test Storage

All your tests, stored in one place. Easy collaboration and updates from anywhere around the world within one testing repository.

Centralized test storage_TestProject

Test Reuse and Nesting

Reduce maintenance by reusing test steps and procedures. Easily craft testing building blocks for common flows, make them data-driven and reusable across your entire project. Accelerate updates and changes.

Test reuse and nesting_TestProject

Page Object Model

Stop searching and replacing locators every time an element changes. TestProject allows to keep more than one locator strategy per element, prioritizes it and executes it one by one as part of the self-healing capabilities. Store all of your elements in one streamlined repository. Change once to affect all other related test cases with ease.

Page object model_TestProject

Test Data and Parameterization

Managing and updating your test data shouldn’t be rocket science. Upload your test data once and use it wherever you need to across any of your test cases. Easily override test parameters in your data-driven tests within your CI/CD flow by utilizing TestProject's RESTful API or 3rd party integrations.

Test Data and parametrization_TestProject

User Management and Permissions

Grant users permission only to the projects and actions needed. Maintain compliance with ease for all members of your team.

Use Management and Permissions_TestProject
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