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Distributed Execution

Execute unlimited tests locally or in the cloud, across Windows, Mac, Linux, and Docker. Testing, accelerated.

One Click Installation

No need to struggle with getting your test machines running. Simply download the TestProject Agent, we covered all the rest. One-click, no hassles.

One Click installation_TestProject

Centralized Agent Management

Never wonder again about what test machines are online or have up to date components. With TestProject you have all your machines in one streamlined view.

Centralized agent management

Simplified Updates

Struggling to keep up with the latest driver versions? Simply update TestProject’s Agent and you'll be good to go. We make sure to always keep you up-to-date.

Public or Private Agents

Share the wealth, by allowing others in your organization to run tests on your agent. Or don’t, and keep them all to yourself. The power is all in your hands.

Device and Browser Management

Easily determine which browsers and devices are available on a given machine with TestProject's detailed Monitor. Get real time insight into your distributed execution.

Device and Browser management_TestProject