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Easy Test Automation

Create powerful web, mobile and API automated tests,
codeless or coded, and be in control of test versioning,
maintenance, editing and reporting wherever you want.

Codeless Test Recorder

Record tests across your web and mobile apps with one consistent, easy to use interface empowered by AI capabilities. Tests run within all Selenium & Appium environments, and can be easily exported to code.

Mobile Test Recorder

Mobile Test Recorder

TestProject has a best in class Mobile AI-powered Test Recorder that captures real time activity with zero latency for any Android or iOS application. With powerful capabilities for testing your apps on any OS, including iOS on Windows!
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Web Test Recorder

Web Test Recorder

TestProject’s AI-powered Web Test Recorder sits directly on your app, acting as both recorder and object spy, improving your test stability with self-healing technology.
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Simplified Test Management

Test Management the way it should be. Straightforward yet powerful. Either enjoy TestProject’s hybrid cloud repository for friendly management dashboards and collaboration options. Or achieve complete control utilizing TestProject’s Offline mode and benefit from saving tests locally and connecting to your Git account.

All of your automated tests in one central location. Store, edit & reuse with ease from TestProject’s UI or directly from your CLI.

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Easily Enhance Tests with Code

Customize your tests with a single click and without any previous coding skills, by leveraging our community Addons library of over 3,000 pre-built automation actions.

Alternatively, you can export your recorded tests into code (Java, Python and C#) or plug in your existing Selenium & Appium scripts to enhance your tests even further.

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Easily Enhance Tests with Code

Executive Test Reports

Stop wondering what your tests are really doing. Easy to understand, real time test reports give you a comprehensive understanding of your testing activities. No excel required.

Instantly drill down into test results to understand regressions, failures, flaky identifiers, and more. Easily share your findings with teammates for quick collaboration.

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