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Record, develop and analyze your test automation
anywhere and with anyone around the globe, effortlessly.

Collaborative Testing Repository

No matter what size your team is, we have the perfect cloud collaboration space for you. Just start inviting your teammates or clients to your account, create and manage project permissions across your entire organization and scale globally. You can easily share your tests, UI elements, addons, test reports and any other component that will help your team create better tests in less time.

Collaborative testing repository - TestProject
Deployment and Execution - TestProject
Easy Deployment & Execution

Manage and monitor execution processes across your entire organization, create automation jobs and use a built-in scheduler to execute tests locally or on any remote site (by connecting multiple Agents to your account). No complex configurations or third-party tools are needed. You are completely free to run your test automation on any of your desired browsers, devices and on all operating systems (Windows, Linux and macOS), all by using TestProject’s powerful Agent.

External Integrations

TestProject easily integrates with your favorite third-party tools, such as: Jenkins, Slack, email notifications and any service that supports webhooks.

External Integrations - TestProject
Rich API - TestProject
Rich API

TestProject has a powerful RESTful API which allows scheduling and triggering automation, reading execution status and retrieving test results. Our API allows easy integration with your CI/CD flows, and can help enhance your release cycles and product quality.

API Documentation