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Your Data Is Safe With Us

More than 100,000 teams around the world trust TestProject to keep their work safe. As the leading SaaS test automation solutions company, we are dedicated to creating a safe and secure platform for our users. In fact, it is super critical to us that your data remains safe, and we constantly monitor and work towards closing any threats that might put it at risk.

We Partner With The Best

TestProject platform is built on top of the best in class infrastructure providers such as Amazon and CloudFlare. We carefully choose the most secure solutions when it comes to data and security, and always keep updated with industry best-practices to ensure we are in accordance with changes and updates.

Reporting Issues and Threats

If you have encountered an issue or a flaw that may have an impact on the data security or privacy of TestProject users, please let us know at [email protected], so we can investigate it right away. For more info on our Bounty Policy Program, please reach out to [email protected].

Authentication and Authorization image

To build reliable and distributed security architecture at TestProject we used OAuth2, OpenID Connect and JSON Web Tokens (JWT) which are industry standards for security, authentication and authorization.

Development and API access is protected using dedicated Account and/or User tokens for secured identifications and authorization of the requesting party.

Artifacts Protection image

To ensure data integrity and protection, all binary artifacts are stored in a secure environment of certified cloud providers.

Execution Isolation image

The execution of tests on your TestProject agents (local/remote) happens in a sandboxed environment enforced by the Java Security Manager. This helps to protect your system from unauthorized access.

Operation Environment image

All TestProject servers are protected by firewalls and various other systems. Technical access is allowed through dedicated subnets and VPNs.

Users Data Protection image

Passwords and other sensitive information can be saved by using TestProject’s “Secret Parameters” feature, which adds another layer of data encryption.

Communication image

All TestProject data transfers are carried out via an SSL-encrypted connection.

Questions About Security?

Have a question, concern, or comment about TestProject security? Please contact TestProject support here.