Smart Test Recorder

Making test automation simple for anyone

TestProject’s in-browser recorder provides a powerful set of built-in capabilities.
Rapidly record and create automated tests for Web, Android and iOS apps.

Mobile screen mirroring - TestProject
Mobile Screen Mirroring

In-browser mobile device screen mirroring that provides full control over your mobile device. All you need to do is connect your device via a USB cable to your machine, and you're good to go!

Element Inspector

Inspect and evaluate any element in your app. Choose from various built-in or suggested actions, set validations, view locator strategies and save elements.

Element inspector - TestProject
Element Explorer - TestProject
Element Explorer

Easily view and analyze the structure of your mobile application screens. Inspect element hierarchy, choose from various locator strategies, and view all available properties of UI components.

Test Editor

Create, edit and organize your tests. Set step comments, define types, create parameters for data-driven executions, save elements, select failure behavior, take screenshots, set timeouts and much more.

Test editor - TestProject

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