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Web Test Recorder

Easily create cross browser tests for any web application, using Selenium AI-powered self-healing capabilities. No coding skills required.
The number #1 alternative for Selenium IDE.

Intuitive Element Explorer

Never struggle to identify an element. Simply hover over any element within your web application while TestProject determines multiple locator strategies for you, optimized for tests that never break and prioritized based on the most stable fit.

Automatic Step Recorder

Simply interact with your application and TestProject will record your every move. You can finally focus on what matters the most - creating awesome test cases. Leverage TestProject's AI-powered technology, that guarantees 95% passing tests from the first recording.

Web Test Recorder

Direct Overlay on Application

Quit jumping between your test tool and your app under test. TestProject’s recorder sits directly on your app, right in the same browser. Leverage a wide range of assertions, validations and community actions to enhance your test with ease.

Test Debug and Replay

Easily debug step by step, get visibility to parameters and real values. Identify failed steps with detailed error messages, update steps, element locators, actions, assertions, validations, test data, and replay. Test maintenance, simplified.

Debug and replay_TestProject

Export to Selenium Code

Turn your recordings into code with one click. Developers can extend and customize tests to their heart’s desire.

Export to code_TestProject